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Nudity,sex,adult situations and language,and extreme violence. Not for children. Updates bi-weekly. Update for 1-13-13; Hi guys, I'm writing a book! See below. -Rann
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*New Addy* For now you can write to me at: rann109 at yahoo dot com. (no more link,bots sending me too much spam)I love getting mail,but use something like "Wereworld",or"Your comic" in the heading so I don't just delete it automatically as spam.

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Feel the hypnotic effect of my counter,oooh,you're getting sleepy... Installed on March 1, 2003. Sexy counter by Eric W. Schwartz, who does Sabrina Online.

Special thanks go out to my high school art teacher, Karen R.

RANN uses Staedtler pigment liners exclusively for fine line work. Their customer service dept. can help you find a store near you that carries them. Find them. Use them. They rock!

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Rann sez:
You might try the forum for news on updates. I stick my head in there now and then.
*Wanna join the forum? I changed the settings so's I hafta approve new members first so we can keep the damn spammers out. So go ahead and apply, I'll get to you.
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Rann's favorite links. People whose comics I REALLY like, linked me, or both.
Grrlpower! By Dave Barrack. Go see who I shamelessly begged and borrowed Dabbler from. And She's in THIS comic! Go see how she's supposed to look. Great artist, great art, and a funny comic!
Too Much Information
Too Much Information by Andy O Check it out!
Tinkers Of the Wasteland
Tinkers Of the Wasteland by Raul Trevino. This guy's a comic industry pro and I normally feel they don't need any free promotion from me, but dammit, this is a GREAT webcomic! It's hilarious,free,has killer art,web only,has giant chickens,cool cars,and a post apocalyptic road warrior gang leader who's also a drag queen! What's not to like!
Zebra Girl
Zebra Girl by Joe England. Joe is one of the best cartoonists/writers on the internet,period.
Two Kinds
Two Kinds by Tom Fischbach. If you like Wereworld, You'll like this.
Kigurumi Cafe
Miharu has a cool site with a huge gallery. She models a CUUUTE tiger girl costume.(and a new one now that'll blow you away!) The best Kigurumi I've seen so far IMO.
Dr.Comet's Kemono Island
This guy does some really beautiful art. Straight from Japan,the one and only Dr.Comet!
I discovered this guy in Comet's links. Great stuff.
Antarctic Press
Antarctic Press! These guys have some of the best manga there is.Period.Gold Digger,Ninja High School,Killbox,Neotopia,and a host of others. You NEED these comics.NEED!(some of my work is in the GD Swimsuit issues too! WOO!)
How To Draw Manga
How To Draw Manga.com, everything a budding manga cartoonist needs.
The Belfry Comics Index
The Belfry Comics Index. One of the BEST link lists!(lotsa furry!)